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How We Work


Please provide us all detail requirements you have. According to what you want we will recommend best fitted touch products for your project.


We love to provide product sample for your testing. You would experience the real effect with the specified OS, application software and environment.


With prompt response and professional knowledge, we will closely coorperate with you to complete your sophsicated testing. The final solution would be the best fitting for the end users. 

Small batch order

After the prototype test is satisfied, it is recommended to start with small batch orders to understand the production cycle of our products, OS and firmware installation, product quality control, packaging and transportation, etc.;

Bulk order

With the start of bulk orders, we will stock the spare parts of the corresponding products to prepare for after-sales service; the product maintenance cycle in the United States is about one week.

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  2094 Walsh Ave., Suite B2
    Santa Clara, CA 95050

+1 (408) 982-6259

Want to work with us?

Use the contact form below to send us messages. We usually respond within 48hrs. If you did not hear from us, please email us directly.

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